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Tighten up your life jacket and get ready to be transformed. Start your tour in a 40 foot catamaran then transfer to an environmentally friendly hydrogen fuelled jet boat. You zig and zag down the river until your guide turns off the motor and tells you to scan the shoreline.

You see movement and realize it’s a bear. It raises its head and you lock eyes. This is your very own personal wild connection. The bear looks away and you realize you’ve been holding your breath. You watch as it forages in the grasses for berries and scans the water for nearby fish. In the spring, there may be an entire family enjoying their day out by the water.

A World of Wild

The North Thompson Valley has a robust population of black and grizzly bears that live just beyond the tree-line. Beyond the river, the Monashee Mountains stand watch over the wildlife. Watch for majestic moose foraging along the water, or shy deer as they peek through the trees. Trout swim beneath and around your boat, while eagles and ospreys ride the air currents above. Wildlife abound here and this is your front row seat to untamed Canada’s natural wonders.

Eat Like a Bear

After a day out on the river, head over to the dockside River Safari restaurant. The Forest Table is where you can literally eat like a bear. Berries, salmon, mushrooms, elk and buffalo are just some of the ingredients used to create unique and flavourful dishes.


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Adventure into the heart of bear country in a jeep! Hang on as you go off-road, bumping and bouncing into the rainforest. Guides provide you with an intimate view into these great beasts’ home. You’ll learn about their behaviours, their family life, and their eating habits.

Sweeping valley views spread out below you as you climb up backcountry and service roads. Stop and listen to the wind. Look around and see, touch and taste the greens and local berries the bears love so much. Drink it all in. You are here, where the wild things live.

Eat Like a Bear

When you get back, step into the Forest Table Restaurant, River Safari’s floating dining room. Chefs add their personal touch to wild greens, berries, and salmon the bears love to eat. Eating like a bear never tasted so good!